a little more. Currently the series' version of stealth mainly consists of hidingwhether on rooftops, on benches, in crowds or just in a big pile of hay. Many players have lamented the lack of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds a crouch button or cover system, and often it's easier to just slaughter all the guards rather than wrestle with the stealth gameplay (especially considering the unstoppable power of counter-kills).Tell us in the comments whether you're hoping for more action on the high


in Assassin's Creed V, or whether you want Ubisoft to FIFA 18 Coins surprise us with something totally new. IGN 'Titanfall' Anti-Cheat Measures are on the Way. The Xbox One release of multiplayer first person shooter, Titanfall, is very much expected to be a system seller for Microsoft’s next-gen console and similarly, the game is also being regarded as one of the biggest PC releases of the year, with the fast-paced gun and mech-battling action of the persistently online


serving as a huge draw. However, while the benefits of online multiplayer may be great for some players, it also offers a huge downside in that the game is being met with many cheaters.However, speaking to fans on Twitter, a member of Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall’s dev team, has confirmed that anti-cheat measures will soon make their way into the game. The calls for some sort of Titanfall anti-cheat measures come after suggestions by Respawn that


would be punished, with a previous tweet from the studio’s official Twitter account explaining that the team are “logging [cheaters]” and that “they will be rooted out shortly.Despite this move by Respawn to both reassure Titanfall players and deter cheaters, it seems that the problem has not been completely solved, with one fan complaining that, “Hackers are getting out of hand only 3 days after launch. Whats going on ?!!!!!!”Jon Shiring, an Engineer at https://www.mmogo.com/