making the game. It takes cheerleading, plus the courage to NBA Live Coins deliver bad news honestly. You need the guts not to just manage upwards, and thick enough skin to deal with not always being loved. Finally, you need the ability to play the game thousands of times, and not get lazy or allowing the team to get lazy with reviews or quality!Rod Fergusson: To add a couple more, Im a big believer in the soft sell and leading from the front. It all really comes down to communications, but


soft sell is about using persuasion to move the team forward instead of just using authority. I joke with my producers about the Dragon Age "Persuade or Intimidate" conversation options. You want to Madden 18 mobile coins empower the team but if you need to step in then you should be able to do so in such a way that its seen as a logical step forward and not something they were told to do. As for leading from the front -- your passion for the project and the role should be self-evident in your


. If the team has to work late, youre there to ensure that nothing gets in their way. Youre willing to do whatever it takes to ship, because thats what its all about.What are some major issues facing video game producers today -- ones common to teams of all sizes?Louis Castle: Producers today need to manage ever more complex technical requirements with more time and resource constraints than ever before -- knowing how to use systems to improve efficiency is critical.


Fryer: Multiple diverging platforms with varying interfaces are driving design and technical costs up while business still tries to hold resources and time constraints static.Siobhan Reddy: There are plenty of MMOGO opportunities right now and of course this brings challenges. Quality is still key but patchy, choose a path and work tirelessly to deliver the best quality. I am really interested in seeing new genres on console/ and also integrating learnings from facebook, tablet & phone games.