He can twist the players' stomachs into knots heading into Sunday if there are talks underway -- which there won't be, because Yom Kippur is celebrated on NBA Live Coins Saturday.To be sure, the union has repeatedly try to wrestle control of the crisis away from Stern. Walking out on Tuesday -- after the league had made legit concessions on its position -- was the latest example. When the owners dropped from demanding that the players take just 46 percent of revenue to 50 percent in an informal proposal, there was no reason for Billy Hunter and company to depart.


 They actually had them moving! But 50 percent wasn't too far from the union's own 53 percent offer, so leverage for that last bit difference needed to Madden NFL 18 Coins be created, and Hunter wasn't going to find it Tuesday, not when the owners had moved so much. So: boom. Talks cancelled. We have just a few days left of this nonsense ... we think. Get it out of your system, David and Billy. Shake it all out.


THE LOST REVENUEAn interesting undercurrent that doesn't get nearly enough attention is how bad some of these teams are at capturing potential revenue. The New Orleans Hornets have had Chris Paul since 2005. Why did it take league takeover to get the Hornets' season ticket levels so high? New Orleans has had talented folks on the sales side, but needed a jolt from the NBA's


 SWAT team and buy-in from local governments (including the state of Louisiana) to make a big dent. It worked! How much revenue did the Hornets leave on the table when George Shinn was in charge?The same applies in Sacramento, where the NBA's brilliant business squad turned things around before the lockout. Smart people have been in place for years, but it took the NBA talent infusion to really crank up ticket sales.

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