personand you've got one simple, yet incredibly deep set of FIFA Coins game mechanics.As well as providing food for the Goliath, those same animal populating the wilds of Shear present a threat to Hunters. There are the Sloths, as big as the Goliath but docile unless attacked, the Trap Jaws, a cross between dogs and dinosaurs that are most dangerous in packs, and Spotters, which emit sound whenever a Hunter or Goliath approach them. There will also be carnivorous plants replacing


 L4D's Smokers, snatching up Hunters and requiring teamwork to Buy MUT Coins extract them.Hopefully more details and footage will be coming soon, but for now it seems that Turtle Rock has put the last three years of development to good use. The studio is dead set on proving that it was their hard work that made Left 4 Dead the success it was, despite being purchased by Valve prior to completion (the studio was re-founded as an independent in 2009).What do you think of


Evolve so far? Does it look to be one next-gen title that is trying something new with multiplayer, or will you want to see more gameplay before you decide to get your hopes up? Evolve is targeting a Fall 2014 release for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.Follow Andrew on andrew_dyce. NeoGAF (via Game Informer) Square Enix Confirms New 'Hitman' Game in Development at IO Interactive. Agent 47 may have enjoyed a lengthy vacation between the releases of Hitman:


Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution, but mercifully for fans of the series it looks like they may not have to wait another six years for the next assignment. Despite the rather dispiriting news earlier this week that Square Enix had cancelled its development of a Hitman game for the new console generation, another update has clarified some of the details.The game, which has been unofficially dubbed Hitman 6 for the time being, was in development at Square to