that the remaster may include Xbox One ports of all three to FIFA 18 Coins original games, but not at once.We're still operating in the realm of unconfirmed rumors here, but it would be a great if Microsoft learned from its mistakes with The Master Chief Collection and decided not to rush an enormous Gears of War bundle out before all of the moving parts are ready. Depending on the price points, gamers would likely prefer a gradual release of three quality remake projects over a bundle that takes months of patches to fix.What do you think about the Gears of War details?


Do you think you'll pick the remake up in late August?Check to back throughout the week for more of our live E3 2015 coverage.The remastered edition of Gears of War has not officially been announced yet. Siliconera 'Super Smash Bros.' Adding Ryu and Roy According to Leaked Trailers. Super Smash Bros. has proven to be one of the most successful and popular games to hit the Wii U since the troubled console's launch nearly three years ago. The hybrid party and fighting game series has persisted thanks to the franchise's high quality and near endless replayability


, and the latest iteration is no different.The 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. has potential to have an even longer life than its predecessors, thanks to post-launch DLC support, a first for the series, in the form of new characters. Nintendo is even letting fans choose future Super Smash Bros. characters, with the first fan requested character coming to Super Smash Bros. being Lucas, who will be available June 15th.As for future DLC characters, the sky's the limit. With Nintendo's E3 digital event right around the corner, many are expecting new DLC characters


for Super Smash Bros. to be announced along to Cheap Fut Coins  with new games. However, as is the case with a good portion of planned E3 surprises, it appears as though Nintendo's surprise new Super Smash Bros. characters have been leaked ahead of time, via two trailers.One of the leaked trailers features a new guest