tetrist and behaviorist, and there is a sense of FIFA 18 Coins narrative. Final Fantasy VII is narrativist, but with simulation in the form of team building and exploration, emergent tactics in combat and some optional economic grinding too.To their fans, each is a legendary game, clearly thaumatic. Using some of each lens can be synergistic, but I think there's more than simple cross-over effects at work. Elements which pull on each other can just as easily lead to dysnergy (less than the sum of its parts),


nobody wants. There's an x-factor of vision, invention and creative voice in each of these games, and that's not something that sits easily on any axis.Since this blog invented the word thauma to Buy FUT Coins describe the uniquely magic of games, I might as well call the lens that believes in the importance of x-factors thaumatism.To the thaumatist, games are an art as they are, not as they might be. There are boundaries to work with (mostly set by players, not designers) and principles to follow.


experient, somewhat emergent, a bit governed by rules and influenced by role, thaumatism sits above other lenses, blatantly borrows from all of them and unifies them with intent. And that somehow translates into magic.Is it a lens as such, or just a way of describing how game makers can draw from the founderworks of every lens to create masterworks? That's for you to decide.An Irish lead designer and producer living in London, Tadhg Kelly is the author of a challenging book about, as he describes it, "Reclaiming games as an art, craft and industry on its own terms", entitled What Games Are. The blog for the book is whatgamesare. You can also follow his tweets on Twitter (tiedtiger).


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