The Grizz begin their only back-to-back-to-back on April 2nd at Oklahoma City, then go home to face Golden State on the 3rd, wrapping up in Dallas on the NBA Live Coins 4th. Then, April 6th, they go to Miami and face the Mavs again at home on the 7th. A few days following, April 11, they begin two stretches of four games in five days. The first goes like this: vs. Phoenix, at San Antonio, vs. Utah, at New Orleans. The second, after an off day, goes at Minny, vs. New Orleans, at Charlotte and home with Portland.Lots o' tough games coming down to the end of the regular season.


The San Antonio Spurs should enter the Cheap NBA Live Coins playoffs nice and exhausted. From Pounding The Rock:Finally someone who can match/beat the Spurs' stretch! Or should I say stretches since there's San Antonio Rodeo Road Trip with 9 roadies over 17 days, but let's just put that one aside since it's pretty much the same story as every year, and the Spurs have historically performed quite well on their RRT.


No, let's consider the month April (or more specifically, the semi-month of April, since the season ends on the 26th) to see the toughest stretch. With an aging group playing more frequently than anyone but Duncan ever has, while they can't beat the Clippers' .750 pace (9 in 12) they do have 9 in 13, make that 11 in 16, actually it's 13 in 19, you know what, every game they play in the whole month of April (from the 3rd to the 26th) is 16 games in 24 days. Now that's only a .667 playing average, but it's sustained for so long.


NBA Preseason 2011 TV Schedule: Wizards, Sixers Prepare For Tip-Off We're just five days away from the tip-off of the NBA season, with just a couple days of  nba18mt  preseason games remaining. There are six games on tap for Tuesday night, and we'll forgive them if they fail to match Monday night's Lakers-Clippers encounter. The one game being televised nationally is the one between the Philadelphia 76ers and Washington Wizards.