your account and they will do something we can’t imagine, like steal your RS 3 gold and items, trade illegally to make your account disable.3. What if you choose to skip entering a code in RS for adding up to RS Gold ?For the sake of a trusted computer you log in frequently, you may choose to skip entering a code there for adding up to 30 days. So, others also have the right to log in your account on your computer without any restriction.Nothing seems to be perfect, everyone has itsweakness. RS authenticator can protect your RS account in some ways, but it is not impregnable. Therefore, you should be always prudent and take some actions to protect your RS 3 gold or OSRS gold made through your hard work. Let’s look


forward to the more perfect RS authenticator together for your RS account safety.Get RS Prayer XP from cleansing the Seren StoneFind the Hefin Cathedral in the northern end of the Hefin area, you can see an altar dwelling in Hefin Cathedral which can recharge Prayer points and then use cleansing crystals to Buy RS Gold cleanse a corrupted Seren stone for Prayer XP. Cleansing crystals are sold by the Hefin monks within the cathedral.Get RS Agility XP from the Elf City agility course1. Find a resting spot musician and a bank chest In the south-west corner of the area. Then a light creature willallow you to claim rewards


from the Prifddinas Agility Course, and the Talent scout will offer you the chance to  rsgole take part in The Pit D&D.2. Participate in the Agility Course to complete laps while looking out for randomly spawning shortcuts and building up Velocity - which lets you skip an obstacle when at 100%. Each lap also gives you the chance to earn rewards, such as a cosmetic outfit, four emotes, lore book pages and useful Elf City


Get RS Thieving XP from pickpocketing Hefin workersAll around this area are Hefin workers that you can pickpocket and get thieving XP from them as more as you can. Hefin workers are NPCs Located in the Hefin to
Buy RuneScape Gold section, they can be pickpocketed "automatically" with level 96 Thieving, continuing the pickpocket action without need for reclicking until you are caught. Each successful pickpocket rewards 150 experience