E3 schedules. We’ll have some things to tease. Wouldn’t miss it for the FIFA Coins  world. With Bungie confirmed to be at E3 to show off Destiny related content, it's almost a foregone conclusion that the game's third expansion will be unveiled. There's also a possibility that Bungie will go into detail about the rumored item trading, which speculation has pointed to being a part of their mysterious Eververse trademark.The question remains, however, as to which platform Bungie will use to reveal the expansion and any other Destiny teases. The game's publisher, Activision,


hasn't hosted their own E3 press conference in years, and will not be doing to U2FIFA  so this year either. This leaves Destiny without a home at E3.However, considering Bungie's close relationship with Sony in regards to Destiny, it is most likely that the third expansion will be revealed during Sony's press conference. Last year's E3 conference for Sony was practically dominated by Destiny, and it was heavily pushed as the must-have game for the system. There's no reason to expect anything different this year when E3 rolls around. Destiny is currently available for PS3,


PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. News on any future expansions for the game will come at this year's E3 event in just a couple of weeks. Bungie 'Final Fantasy 15 Skipping E3, Demo Update Coming Soon. When Final Fantasy XV was just a spin-off of Final Fantasy XIII, fans seemed less than enthusiastic . Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most derided titles in the franchise, and it's already gotten a number of sequels.But when Square Enix turned Final Fantasy Versus XIII into Final Fantasy XV, turning the game into a stand-alone title (with a great trailer), everything changed. Screenshots and additional bits of information followed, and eventually Square Enix released a full-on demo, allowing


gamers to get their hands on the hotly anticipated title. And while an updated demo is forthcoming, fans will have to wait a little longer to learn anything else about the game.While Square Enix planned to Buy FIFA 17 Coins show off a new Final Fantasy XV trailer at this year’s E3, the company recently announced that new footage won't appear. This news comes after Square Enix decided to skipped Gamescom, intending to show off Final Fantasy XV in the States.Square Enix marketing manager Akio Ofuji and Final