rise and sees potential in it.While there's always the NBA 2K18 MT worry of larger corporate entities taking away the freedom of smaller services upon acquisition, the added support in helping Twitch continue to grow is still very much something to get excited over. From fish playing Pokemon to covering live events like E3, the reach of Twitch extends past that of conventional gameplay, so one can only imagine what directions this ever-growing service could go in as time progresses.What are your thoughts on


acquisition of Twitch? What would you like to NBA 2K17 MT see come out of the service next? The fan anticipation for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt means that a lot of people have a lot of questions about the game, and so CD Projekt Red's community managers recently took to Youtube to answer some of the most prominent fan questions. Among the important details that came out were the fact that the enemies in the game do not scale according to the player's level, which means that fighting generic critters will


much easier later on in the game, but seeking out the big guys early on is basically suicide.Geralt will also have the convenient ability to call up his horse with a simple whistle, no matter where it ended up, and the horse comes with additional inventory space. The game will introduce new mechanics like points of interest (events that occur organically, in which the player can intervene), and luckily it will now be possible to use potions in battle. Also, there will not be any gnomes.Seeing the gameplay in action


more useful than simply having someone describe it, and luckily CD Projekt Red has also released a full 37 minutes of gameplay footage from The Witcher 3, which offers a detailed look at some of the sumptuous landscapes that players can explore.The gameplay video shows Geralt wearing some fairly heavy-duty armor, but in an interview with art producer Stan Just explained that Geralt's outfit will vary depending on which set of armor the player wishes to wear, and how high a tier they are wearing. The