(instant messages) across the globe and best of NBA Live Coins all its free if you have an internet connection and an IRC client.We use Newnet (irc:irc.newnet.net) for our IRC communications on a password protected IRC channel (but anyone can join us in channel #fpg). There are many other free to use IRC servers available like Freenode (irc:irc.freenode.com). There are many IRC clients available for nearly all platforms. The downside to IRC is that the conversation is not persistent.


other technologies we use are email and Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Internet Forums. Email is a no-brainer, but cc and reply formatting can make it difficult to follow a conversation. We use Internet Forums hosted on our company server to share ideas and thoughts that are too long for IRC or email. Forum posts can be read by anyone with permission and are persistent. They also make it easy to follow a conversation thread as others post their comments and arguments.Internet Forums take time and


to set up and maintain. Youll need a server to host the forums and someone to apply software updates and remove spam. There are free or low cost forum services available like ProBoards, but many of them insert advertisements into the conversation thread and dont make it easy to backup the forum database. Email is available from well if youre reading this you probably know where to get an email address.Other options include Instant Messaging


(IM) like MSN, YAHOO!, and Skype but your choice of communication systems are up to MMOGO you.Issue TrackingYou will have bugs and feature ideas that pop up during the course of building your app and you need a way to document and track their status. The system Flowerpot Games uses is Trac to track such things.Trac needs a server and