European perspective of game development and business trends.Some of the FIFA 18 Coins new highlights from the Main Conference, which features tracks on Business & Marketing, Game Design, Production, Programming and Visual Arts, include the following:- Renowned game designer and Braid/The Witness creator Jonathan Blow will host a talk in the show's Design track titled, "Truth in Game Design," which Blow says will "illustrate that games, being algorithmic systems implemented on computers, are


toward revealing truth, so long as we do not quash the truth in FUT 18 Coins order to force our own high-level wishes into the design." Blow's cerebral talk will also seek to explain how "we use games as instruments, like telescopes or electron microscopes, to observe aspects of the universe that we would not normally have access to."- Elsewhere in the Design track, "Big Bucks for Bits and Bytes - A Holistic Approach to Selling Virtual Goods" will feature designer Martin Nerurkar of German free-to-play


game pioneer Gameforge on the dos and don'ts of selling virtual items. Nerurkar will pick apart the various stages of game monetization, teaching attendees how to generate awareness for their product and boost the desirability of their virtual goods.- Over in the conference's Business & Marketing track, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Co-CEO of Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream, will host an impassioned talk called "Game Content Rating Systems Must Change," a lecture that will illustrate his


on how the ESRB, PEGI, and other video game rating systems enforce more strict limitations than their television or film counterparts. Using examples from a number of fifaah contemporary titles, de Fondaumiere will explain "how these restrictions are hurting our businesses and why game developers must now take a leading role in changing these to protect their creations."In addition to these and other lectures found in the Main Conference, GDC Europe has added notable Summits on Social Games,