on which ideas worked and which didn't.Playtesting is good for FIFA Coins picking out ideas that work when the team is in conflict about which direction to go. You learn about implementation and execution as you build the game, but you have to watch real players interact with what you've built in order to have any validation that your game is engaging.Our peers were also a great resource while building this game. Seeing other great games being built alongside us was


energizing and encouraging. Watching some of the  Cheap NFL 18 Coins upperclassmen games being developed at the same time as Nous gave me a lot of insight on how other teams and games worked.We have three instructors (Benjamin Ellinger, Chris Peters, Rachel Rutherford) that run all of the game projects classes at the sophomore and junior level. All three of them work tirelessly to make the structure of game class better and are oftentimes helping out student teams late into the


. All three of them had a huge impact on the way we think about game design, technology, and team dynamics.BC: I'd like to thank everyone who sat down to play our game and told us it wasn't good enough. Because that's what drove us -- it wasn't great, we were doing it wrong, we had to work harder. Eventually we exerted our way right into something kind of neat.And don't stop telling us it's not good enough.Why do you think your game deserves to win the


Showcase?BC: Nous is clear and focused in its confusing messiness. It's an ultimatum to the player: Play me, or maybe don't, but I'd prefer you do. It's fun and sad. It asks the deep questions: do you like all these flashing lights?Water cooler talk: why should the average gamer play your game?BC: Nous is an arty game, right, but it's not pretentious, and it tries to be a satisfying experience even to the player who skips past every piece of dialogue in the game at https://www.mmogo.com/