Xbox One:• Super Dungeon Bros: Available from November 1-30 on Xbox One• Murdered: Soul Suspect: Available from November 16- December 15 on  NBA Live Coins Xbox OneXbox 360:•Monkey Island: SE: Available from November 1-15 on Xbox 360 & Xbox One•Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: Available from November 16-30 on Xbox 360 & Xbox Call of Duty Infinite Warfare pre-downloads are now LIVE for anyone who has pre-ordered the game.


Activision has made the game ready to Cheap Albion Online Gold downloadon both PS4 and Xbox One across all regions, however no information has been provided on when PC pre-load will begin.Assuming you pre-ordered the game it's highly recommended that you download the game now to save yourself the hassleof having to download too much on release day.It's been revealed thatfor PlayStation 4, the Infinite Warfare download will vary depending on your region, however you're looking at roughly 44.


6GB-53.6GB in total. As for Xbox One users it's slightly more and means you'll need 52.1GB free for Infinite Warfare.Plus we wouldn't be surprised to see a day one patch to download as well, so keep that in mind.Some of these changes could involve several changes to the multiplayer side of the game. A recent Reddit post by developers Infinity


Wardrevealed some of the Mmogo changes they're implementing to the game based on feedback from the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare beta.Keep reading to discover what some of these changes are Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Maps Revealed Take a look at some of the excellent new multiplayer maps coming to Call of Duty Infinite Warfare 1 / 5 Activision Terminal