gameplay or plot details.Del Toro is one of the most visually imaginative directors working in the RS Gold film industry, and he promised an incredibly intense and an incredibly scary game. However, the director doesn't have much experience producing video games: his previous effort, inSANE, fell apart when THQ filed for bankruptcy. Teaming del Toro with Kojima, who's famous for blurring the lines between films and video games, seemed like a slam dunk for Konami. Silent Hills might be great, but it's going to be difficult to play without wondering how things would've been different under


Kojima's guidanceassuming the game ever comes out, of course.And that seems increasingly unlikely. In response to this news, Norman Reedus sent out a tweet saying that he is super bummed about the game's cancellation. It's unclear, however, whether Reedus has new information, or if he's simply commenting on del Toro's original, misinterpreted quote. Konami has yet to weigh in. IGN 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Trailer Revealed. It just wouldn't be the fall without a new Call of Duty. Keeping any annual franchise fresh and engaging is always going to be challenging, even one that has the weight of a massive, devoted multiplayer community behind it like Call of Duty. These days CoD fans at least have a little variety in the form of multiple different sub-franchises within the games, including the Modern Warfare trilogy, the future-set evolution Advanced Warfare, Ghosts (assuming they ever make another one), and Black Ops. It's that latter corner of


Call of Duty that will be cracked open again this fall, with Black Ops 3 continuing the franchise's exploration of near-future warfare.A day after the internet stole some of Black Ops 3's thunder by leaking the release date and other details ahead of the official reveal, the first full gameplay trailer has arrived online. Check it out up top, packed with future soldiers leaping huge distances and punching robots in the face.Activision shared the reveal trailer on their official blog, along with confirming many of the details that were leaked yesterday. Black Ops 3 will continue in the near-future


setting introduced in Black Ops 2. That game split the storyline between the second Cold War in 2025 and the original in the late '80s, but it looks like the third Black Ops will keep the focus on the near future.Continuing the trend of recent CoD games, Black Ops 3 will put players in the role of soldiers equipped with bleeding-edge combat tech and cybernetics straight out of the Deus Ex games. As Activision's blog post puts it, Empowered by Direct Neural Interface (DNI) technology, players will assume the role of Black how to sell runescape gold safely