iconic A.I. from the Halo franchise, to FIFA Coins mobile devices as a competitor to Apple’s Siri, the speculation is one step closer to fruition. Jen Taylor, the actress who lends her voice to the famous A.I., will reportedly be contributing her voice to the upcoming Microsoft mobile venture.The news comes from MSFTnerd and it doesn’t take rocket scientist to put it all together: The service will be named Cortana, it is voiced by the actress who plays Cortana in the Halo series, and


be important to Microsoft’s push to win people onto Cheap NFL 18 Coins their side of the war of mobile devices. While nothing on this front has been been explicitly confirmed by Microsoft, the move seems logical. As an all-in-one entertainment brand, one of the largest things Xbox has going for it is the presence of a few iconic characters. With gaming penetrating the real world more and more frequently and Microsoft blurring the lines between their products and services, a familiar face


be exactly what they need to sell users on their mobile devices.If this turns out to be true, US developers could be getting their hands on the app's beta on Lumia (Microsoft acquired Nokia' phone business in September) devices this April. For those on other platforms, it is then rumored that Cortana will become available on the Bing app for iPhone in the US this fall with functionality making its way to the Xbox One and Windows sometime in 2015 thanks to the rumored


9, codenamed Threshold, that is purported to establish a stronger connection between the different Microsoft platforms. Those in other English-speaking locations will have to wait a little longer with Cortana supposedly rolling out over 2015 and 2016. With a new Halo release slated for later this year, the timing couldn't be more perfect.While this could simply end up being a case of a large corporation appropriating an iconic face in order to sell units, it could also to https://www.mmogo.com/