This summer is likely to Madden Mobile Coins fought in France, and Manchester United has always wanted to introduce Southampton star Luke - Xiao to take over Evra, for this, the Red Devils are even willing to shoot 30 million pounds, in personal treatment, Manchester United also out of 10 million Sterling's five-year contract, although Manchester United sincerity fist, but the "Daily Mail" revealed that Luke - Xiao insisted on Manchester United to hire a new coach and then decide whether to join the Red Devils.


It is worth mentioning that to Cheap Madden Mobile Coins Luke - Xiao wait and see Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Bayern are also in the name of Luke - Xiao's idea.Of course, the "Daily Mail" reminded that if Manchester United, Manchester United, Manchester United, Manchester United In the summer if you can invite to the level of coach coach of this level, then Luke - Xiao will certainly be willing to gladly go to Old Trafford effect.


Italy's "whole market" also confirmed the news, but with the "Turin Sports Daily" and "fast sports" is different, the Italian media that Juventus B plan is Manchester City midfielder Yaya - Toure, It is worth mentioning that the Côte d'Ivoire this season to play far better than Berger, Toure in the Premier League this season into the 18 ball, far more than the French Dili 6 ball. Of course, from Juve's point of view, regardless of whether the Paris-B plan is Basselli or Yaya - Toure it does not matter,


leaving Borgba is clearly more conducive to the future Zebra regiment in the Champions League revival. Moyes most people who have become a shit sticks of the campaign, Everton in the field is completely a giants team control the ball play, attack the length of the combination, the edge of the combination, the team with the clouds like water Half has been locked 2 to 0 lead. In contrast,