And realize they can't expect to NBA 2K18 MT sell on name alone."Joystiq's Jason Schreier rates Final Fantasy XIII-2 at 3 out of 5 stars. "After the mediocre Final Fantasy XIII and the sheer disaster that was Final Fantasy XIV, many fans have lost faith in the RPG titan," he begins. "Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the publisher's attempt to mend this relationship. At times, it feels like the development team just went down a laundry list and added everything that fans believed Final Fantasy XIII


.""All of these trappings help make Final Fantasy XIII-2 far more appealing than its predecessor, but they don't make it great," Schreier continues. "For 2K18 MT Coins every dazzling landscape or satisfying puzzle, there's a niggling flaw or baffling moment that will make you wonder why you're still playing."Schreier cites the narrative as a particular weakness. "Soon enough, the plot takes a turn for the nonsensical, veering into the land of Weird Proper Nouns," he says. "Perhaps this might all be


to swallow if the game had competent dialogue or voice acting that didn't sound like a hammy 80s sitcom set to quadruple speed for maximum squeakiness."In addition: "Final Fantasy XIII-2's music is average at its best moments and abominable at its worst. One particular boss theme (a scream-packed metal ballad) was so infuriating that I got up and muted my television until it was over. No title, Final Fantasy or otherwise, has driven me to do that before.""Ultimately, if Final


XIII took the series five steps back, Final Fantasy XIII-2 takes it one hesitant step forward," Schreier concludes. "Features like non-linear dungeons, optional side quests and NPC-populated towns are wonderful and all, but they were RPG staples twenty years ago. While Final Fantasy XIII-2 does quite a bit to fix the mistakes of its predecessor, it does very little to stand out on its own merits." at