experience of Joe Danger on PSN would be just one short scene in this movie," Hello Games managing director Sean Murray told Destructoid.The studio says it will debut Joe Danger: The NBA Live Coins Movie at gamescom next week, followed by a showing at PAX Prime later this month.Hello Games did not confirm platforms or a release window for the new title.


[In this reprinted #altdevblogaday-opinion piece, WB Games Seattle animator Mike Jungbluth argues that motion controls aren't best used for the "verbs" in games, and he examines how they can be used for  Cheap MUT Coins adverbs and adjectives.]I've been thinking about motion controls quite a bit lately as a control scheme that I may have written off too quickly. I've also been obsessed with acting, body language and expression. And then it dawned on me. The two may be a perfect couple.


are made of verbs. Run, jump, punch, crouch. Hand held controllers are able to simulate the input of the player to use those verbs in a rather precise way, be it on/off or analog. And as developers, designing around verbs is a pretty straightforward affair which we have been doing since the first game was played. But when it gets to adverbs, the emotional variables of a verb, neither the controller or developer seems to be aware of what to do with them beyond pure visuals.


motion controls. While initially it is the verbs we assign to the gestures, such as swing a sword, we quickly find out that they just don't quite match up the crisply defined input of  MMOGO  a controller. Motion Controls also lack a tactile sense of feedback in many cases, making all those verbs feel hollow when we don't feel the physical reaction. It is a fun gimmick, but we quickly grow tired of the theatrics and plug our plastic hands back into the machine.So if verbs aren't best used for motio