These are the NBA Live Coins questions that will be bludgeoned into our subconscious over the next six months or so, starting on Sunday.Given the circumstances, you could approach this one of two ways. Slam your head against whatever surface is closest -- wall, coffee table, etc. -- or embrace it and have fun. With that second option in mind, on Sunday, chug your drink when you see/hear any of the following:


An analyst gravely refers to NFL Coins "the situation in Indy"Anyone on TV or at your Super Bowl party mentions "the big story this week"Someone at your Super Bowl party asks what you think will happen.Anyone mentions Andrew Luck's name.A pregame show tells viewers to tweet them about Peyton Manning's future. A fan of any team throws out a hypothetical scenario where Peyton Manning takes over their offense in 2012.


Chug continuously during Bob Costas' inevitable pregame/halftime video essay about Peyton Manning and human frailty and the future and how this is all Edgerrin James' fault. Cameras cut to Peyton Manning during the game.Cameras cut to Jim Irsay during the game.Cameras cut to sad Colts fan in a Peyton Manning jersey, OR a happy Colts fan in an Andrew Luck jersey. Annnnnd ... Yeah, if you play the Peyton


Manning drinking game, you may still have to listen to neverending conversations about him, but you almost certainly won't remember them!KELLY CLARKSON SINGS THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. Just putting this on the record: Every year that R. Kelly doesn't sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl is a year that America's dream is deferred. CLAP YA HANDS, Y'ALL.TOM BRADY'S HOUSE to