should work consistently across games.Our collection system fell victim to  grossing day-one sales on  FIFA Coins this particular problem. For the readers new to social games: A collection system provides a player with a slot machine feel for every action in the game. Each object the player interacts with has a chance of dropping an item from a specific collection, and when the player completes the collection, they receive a reward. We went through several iterations for a collections system that included many


additions to the core feature. Our first try, which was called "Discoveries," was a standard collection system.Ideally, a player would make a Discovery, give it a unique name, and then have the option to Buy NBA 2K18 MT share that discovery with friends. That additional functionality increased the Discoveries system's scope, so several of the more interesting parts were put into a secondary tier. Without those additional features, however, the system did not feel very rewarding, and the


between the Discoveries and the objects that provided them were not clear to the player.In the end, we decided to keep the traditional collection mechanic and scrap the Discoveries system completely. Cutting a feature your designers have been working hard on is nothing new to the game development process, but we did this everywhere--even places where we had no reason to do it (quest structure, for example). We ran into issues later on with features like Mastery,


we should have innovated but did not have enough time left to do so.Additional InfoThe full postmortem of Indiana Jones Adventure World goes into more detail about what went right and what went wrong with the development process.The May 2012 issue of Game Developer also features results from a technology and tools survey for mobile and social game developers, a deep dive into TERA's free-targeting combat system, and more. You can purchase individual Game Developer issues or a subscription from the Game Developer web store, or download the