The team has been on the top of the NBA Live Mobile Coins deal big green light, but Nani is the injury is the transfer of obstacles, after all, to buy a wounded for the economic situation of the Serie A team is a stupid deal. And Juventus team has contacted the Paris Saint Germain winger Mene, healthy and cheap French people will be Nani's competitors. Nani's deal will certainly cause the two teams to react.


According to the "Sunday People's Daily" revealed that Manchester United hopes to give Nani Juventus, in fact, there are their own small abacus, that is, in Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Coins today's football red hot French midfielder Borgba. Berger 2012 out of Manchester United, zero price to join Juventus. In the Bianconeri just a year, the French star became the team absolutely the main force. Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid,


Chelsea are on the future of the superstar eyeing, all this for the zero price of the Golden Boy's Manchester United is extremely painful. But let go of Bogba, for the current Juventus is not realistic, and now Juventus midfielder Pirlo has not been able to renew the contract with the team, and age is too large, how long to keep the state An unknown, in the midfield of the team, only Berger can replace Pirlo's position.


And for the savvy Italians, the value of Borgbaar has not been fully explored, the team is likely to participate in the World Cup next year after the sale of the players, so Borgba will bring to the team Larger gains, after all, in 2001 to 73.5 million euros to sell the team in the core of Zidane's memories are wonderful. Although Suarez, Rooney, Ozil and Aguero and other players this season are the table, is the focus of.

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