stamina, but that’s not entirely clear from the trailer.Although the April Fools “joke” only runs for 24 hours, it’s hard not to feel a need to pop Dying Light back on, if even just for a few minutes. As games like Saints Row 4 and Crackdown have shown us, there’s nothing quite like running around as a super to Neverwinter Astral Diamonds -powered badass, especially one that can drop kick zombies several yards.While Dying Light was somewhat of a mixed bag for us (read our review), we’re sure this April Fools gag will go over well with the zombie game’s fan base. It also keeps in line with Dying Light’s tongue in cheek humor, which has included fun Easter Eggs, paid homage to Super Mario Bros., and featured an Excalibur weapon.Will you be


playing Dying Light to check out these super powers on April 1st? Do you think more games should do one-off gags like this? 'Bloodborne' Guide: How to Beat Vicar Amelia. Even the most to Buy Elysium Gold skilled action RPG veterans are likely to stumble through a few of the boss fights in PS4's Bloodborne. The game is as difficult as it is addicting and that is definitely a compliment. Much like the Dark Souls games before it, Bloodborne's difficulty is what makes playing it so rewarding. If you already mastered the third boss fight and are ready to move beyond The Blood-Starved Beast, we're here to offer our support and guidance for the next major obstacle.Bloodborne's fourth big boss fight pins players up against the long-haired villain Vicar


Amelia. Despite not appearing until a little later in the game, Vicar's fight is actually not quite as complicated as some of those gamers had to survive to reach her lair. The she-devil can definitely wipe out the majority of a health bar in one swing if players leave themselves open, but by following a few easy rules the fight should go in your favor.In preparation for the battle, players need to enter the fight with full blood vials. Guns won't be too useful against this boss, so don't worry if your ammo pouch is a little low. Molotov Cocktails will do some damage, but we wouldn't recommend


relying on them in this fight. Vicar has a ton of health, so even when striking in the right spot, this fight is going to go on for a while (unless you're overleveled).Like many other boss fights, the trick to defeating Vicar is staying behind her. To maximize DPS, players can use fire paper to