(This is just Euroleague, the Madden NFL 18 Coins top competition in Europe. Players like Deron Williams have joined teams competing in domestic leagues and Eurocup, a lower-level competition.) Here's what Euroleague president Jordi Bertomeu told Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen last week:"Our clubs need to have stable rosters," Bertomeu said via a translator. "They need to know how long they will be able to employ the player.


 No team will sign a player for Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins only two or three months, or for an uncertain period of time. This is our forecast."Uhh ...In that piece, Bertomeu also alleges that FIBA and the NBA coordinated the lockout policy now in place, in which players under NBA contract must include in their European contracts opt-out clauses sending them back to the NBA should the lockout end; the NBA insists FIBA thought that one up all by itself.


Beyond that, Bertomeu's whole position seems to be similar to that of Chinese authorities, one that says "we're too good to need to loan NBA stars."To which I say: no, you aren't.Six Euroleague teams have now agreed to borrow some help from legit NBA players. Guess what? NBA players are good! I dare say that having Ty Lawson for three months is better than not having Ty Lawson for three months.


The same could be said about maddenvip  any number of NBA players looking for part-time work. And I guarantee that purchases of an online Euroleague package would shoot upward from the United States and Canada if more players jump the pond. If Tyreke Evans signed in Europe, you can guarantee I'd want to watch every broadcast I could. Bertomeu underrates how thirsty potential American fans are for pro basketball.