Manchester United do not say championship trophy, even next season Champions League qualification are precarious German media yesterday revealed that at NBA Live Coins once Manchester United can not be in the Premiership this season among the semi-finals, get next season's Champions League qualification, then even if there is Ferguson Ferguson support, the club boss Glazer will choose to fry Moyes,


"Red Devils" The new coach is Buy 2k18 mt likely to be the Bundesliga Dortmund's commander Klopp. 2-0 victory over the Crystal Palace away, Manchester United transfer market news, the British media "Mirror" news broke the news, the battle of the battle has ended, Manchester United to 32 million pounds price to grab the German star! The newspaper disclosed that although Real Madrid,




 Arsenal and Chelsea and many other giants are interested in the Beijing Duo An, but Manchester United club executives have been actively operating the transfer, and ultimately a high price to win the German star battle, for the deal Manchester United coach Moyes is very confident, with the "Mirror" in terms of words, he has been considered the battle of the battle to Manchester United to laugh and finally ended.




The newspaper also pointed out that 32 million pounds is only the total price of the transaction, the Japanese players Kagawa Shinji may be involved in Mmogo this transfer, return to Dortmund. 23-year-old Jing Duoan midfielder, debut in Nuremberg, Germany international, the summer of 2011 as the successor of Xixin joined Dortmund. Over the past two seasons has been the main, on behalf of Dortmund played 81 times, scored 9 goals, last season to help the team reached the Champions League final, unfortunately,