marking one of the first major MOBA attempts on console.Rounding out the everwinter zen  first three offerings of the 2015 Summer Spotlight is the latest entry in the Toy Soldiers series, Toy Soldiers: War Chest. The latest game in the series features guest stars such as He-Man and G.I. Joe, with future licensed properties set to be added in the game in the future as well. The inclusion of Toy Soldiers: War Chest in the Xbox Summer Spotlight is fitting, as Toy Soldiers: Cold War headlined the 2011 Summer of Arcade on Xbox 360.The Summer Spotlight event will most likely kick off in late July or at the beginning of August. Expect the aforementioned games, King's Quest, SMITE, and Toy Soldiers:


War Chest to be the centerpieces of the Summer Spotlight's debut year, with other titles to be announced at a later date. Microsoft Expecting 'Millions' of Xbox One Sales, Launches Free Game Promotion. It's no secret that the Xbox One's sales have struggled to keep up with the PlayStation 4's. At the beginning of the RS Gold console's lifecycle, would-be buyers were turned off by the always-online requirement (which Microsoft nixed before launch due to the backlash) as well as the mandatory Kinect add-on which made the console $100 more expensive than its rival.


Microsoft has since tried hard to get the Xbox One back into consumer's good graces, offering standalone Xbox One consoles without Kinect.In further efforts to make their console more affordable, Microsoft introduced a temporary price-cut in North America over the holidays, selling the Xbox One bundle for as little as $350. The promotion performed so well that the Xbox One successfully sold more units than the


as soon as humanly possible is take out one of the bosses that'll appear on the map from time to time. These hard-to-kill characters can be either Covenant or Promethean forces based on mmogo what the game decides to randomly spawn, and they'll award whoever is able to take them down with 200 points for their team. As a result, they become heavily sought after targets, and the immediate landscape surrounding these bots quickly becomes a dynamic balance between players fighting one another and the powerhouse A.I. fighting everything else.In this instance, users are then tasked with laying out a plan of battle. Do you charge in with allies in an attempt to kill the