Russia super old team Zenit away to NBA Live Mobile Coins challenge the Bundesliga, last season runner-up Dortmund. Moyes can catch the last straw for Manchester United fans, this season is undoubtedly the most tormented moment. Moyers led Manchester United has created too many "impossible" shame, lost too many people believe they will lose the game, and now they are almost cute, and a few balls can also lose, The name of the British name, it seems to have been destroyed in the hands of their own eyes to see the successor.


The former king of the Buy NBA Live 18 Coins division of the current league only ranked No. 6 in the standings, 15 points from the top of the list, the Champions League area is also 11 points difference, maybe next year's Champions League, we have no chance to see the Red Devils figure. In the Champions League, when the results of the 16 draws out, many giants probably envy Manchester United's good luck, because Olympiakos can be the Champions League 16 strongest scoring team.


But even in the face of such opponents, Moyes led Manchester United or surprise, the first leg of the contest, Manchester United continued weak trend this season, away 0: 2 defeat, ace Gemini "Ruud van Nistelrooy" combination into a dazzling The background. This is the first time Manchester United lost to the Greek team in the war in Europe, or the first season lost to the group second team first team.


Back to the home, the Red Devils at buynba2k least three goals to ensure smooth promotion, although Moyes rhetoric in Old Trafford can comeback to Manchester United recent situation, I am afraid not many people will believe that fantasy. Just finished the Premier League, the Red Devils at home 0: 3 fiasco at the foot of Liverpool, not only to combat the morale of the team, so Moyes handsome precarious, the team locker room conflicts are more intense.