period, the explosion of the FIFA Coins DayZ standalone alpha release was possibly the most fascinating gaming news. The question of whether you can sell a game in its alpha state has been answered with a resounding yes, with Rust and Starbound joining DayZ as top sellers on Steam, despite the service offering substantial discounts on AAA games during its winter sales.The popularity of the Early Access scene shows that for the right games, players are prepared (with fair warning) to


a premium for  Cheap FUT Coins a game with major bugs and missing features, but in turn enjoy seeing it grow and build around them. It also gives them a voice in development, as they flag problems and make suggestions to the developers.However, if you refuse to pay for an unfinished game, but are eager to jump into DayZ when it fully releases, you may be waiting a while. According to a blog post on the developer's Tumblr, the game likely won't even be going into beta this year. Please keep in


that we do not expect to reach Beta status sooner than the end of 2014. Judging by previous development delays and the warning that that date would be the earliest time fans could expect to see a beta, it may not be unrealistic to assume that it may not even come until 2015. If fans wanted to be part of the long and frustrating process of developing a game, they most certainly are now.The post also thanked the community for its massive support, and went on to outline some of


features that are going to be included at later dates. The game will at some point have customizable vehicles, animals and advanced crafting option to help players in their constant fight for survival against the undead horde and opportunistic humans.Animals and huntingCooking and gathering resourcesPlayable user customizable vehiclesPlayer created constructions in the environmentMore complex interactions with the environment and