ATI FirePro V8880 graphics card. The company also at FIFA 18 Coins announced new driver support for ATI FirePro Mobility Professional Graphics."AMD is committed to collaborating with partners like Autodesk on industry standards and open-source software solutions that open up a world of vivid visual experiences," says AMD Professional Graphics general manager Janet Matsuda.She adds, "This new plug-in will give CG content developers an open development path with OpenCL and a powerful solution for incorporating high-quality physics that offer realistic animation of how rendered objects move in a game or film."


Frictional Games' dark survival horror title Amnesia: The Dark Descent won three awards while Mojang's indie mega-hit Minecraft took the Seumas McNally Grand Prize in Buy FIFA 18 Coins tonight's 13th annual Independent Games Festival Awards presentation.Minecraft, which has sold over 1.3 million copies of its beta, also won the night's audience award, attracting a plurality of over 5,000 e-mail veified votes made on I think we're finally going to finish Minecraft soon, said developer


 Markus "Notch" Persson in accepting the night's top indie game award. Everyone who's ever made a game or played a game, you are awesome.I know it's my job to be impartial, but it really warms my heart to see those guys win, because they've had a really tough year, awards host Anthony Carboni joked after Minecraft's win. They could really use the cash.Amnesia, which had sold over 200,000 copies through January, took home prizes for Excellence in Audio, Technical


 Excellence, and the $10,000 Direct2Drive Vision award.I think that we need to buy another bag or get more luggage, Frictional co-founder Thomas Grip said upon accepting the  fifaah oversized check accompanying the Direct2Drive Award. After three years of thinking we're not going to make games anymore and hating everything and living on noodles... it's totally getting done... and getting awards for it, that seems like too much.The IGF Nuovo Award for innovative, artistic games went to