dual functions, allowing players to fire a quick shot or charge things up for a more powerful version slowing the monster longer or doing more damage, respectively. The charged shot on the NBA 2K17 MT rifle also cuts straight through the monsters' armor and damages the beast's health pool, which doesn't regenerate without a buff. Crow's rifle should be a lethal combination with Torvald's shrapnel grenades.Nothing says support like a mini-nuke grenade launcher, and that's exactly what support character Sunny has in her arsenal. Like most grenades, however, they have a slight delay


rather than detonating on impact, so players will have to keep that in mind lest they waste the considerable punch of her nuke-thrower. She can also set up a shield drone that will protect one area, but her most interesting ability may be her jetpack booster, which she can attach to one hunter and use to zip them toward or away from the monster, depending on the situation. Bonus points if the player in control of Sunny launches another hunter at the monster while screaming the name of Leeroy Jenkins.Slim the medic can launch a healing drone to patch up another player over time,


but the effect can be interrupted if the hunter takes damage in the process. As far as weaponry goes, he's got a Leach Gun that both drains strength from the monster and powers up his AOE heal burst ability. Finally, he can make the monster's life much more difficult with his spore cloud, which negates the monster's ability to smell within a 40-meter radius, as well as preventing the creature from seeing the hunters' health bars. Evolve's reliance on DLC is still likely to irk some, but this first batch of downloadable characters bring enough new skills to the table that players should


One. IGN 'ToeJam and Earl' Reboot Hits Crowdfunding Goal. It might be hard for younger gamers to believe, but ToeJam and Earl used to be bona fide celebrities. The mismatched duo never quite reached the heights of, say, the Sonic the Hedgehog crew, but every Sega Genesis owner (and every jealous wanna-be) knew their names. have plenty to experiment with during the month of April. All four new hunters and the Behemoth will be available for purchase separately, or the full set will be available as part of the Evolve Hunting Season Pass. Evolve is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox