Duhon committed to the Madden NFL 18 Coins Blue Devils. He also asked his mother to join him. The next summer, Harper [Duhon's mother] rented out her house in Slidell and headed for a two-bedroom apartment in Durham, N.C. There she found a job at NCM Capital Management Group, a billion-dollar money management firm owned by Maceo Sloan, who displays in his office the basketball he received as a gift from Duke's 1991 national championship team.


 How Harper learned of the Madden 18 Coins NCM job is unclear, because the full-time position she got in its operations department was never posted, according to several former employees.And this:Three months after moving to Durham, according to Boozer's wife, Renee, Carlos Boozer Sr. was jobless. He finally found one at GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company then run by Robert Ingram, a close friend of Krzyzewski. [...]


 Boozer initially said he worked as a programmer and made $125,000 per year. But when told former co-workers said he was an administrative assistant, Boozer recanted, saying he earned about $40,000 annually doing administrative work. He said he lost the job because the company merged and his division was moved to Philadelphia. His departure came about six months after Carlos Boozer Jr. left Duke for the NBA.


That's from an extensive at maddenvip  investigation into Duke basketball from the New Orleans Times-Picayune (archived here at the indispensable, Truth About Duke). You can read more on the case, but the evidence is all circumstantial, and impossible to prove. And that's what's made him a paragon of college basketball integrity.Loyal To His RootsWho could forget the summer when he was courted by the NBA? When the Los