least, it can help you identify when it starts so you can work to resolve it quickly.Respect & OwnershipDon't pull a CartmanNo matter what you think as the CCS team leader, you don't own the NBA 2K18 MT CCS. It's being developed for the character art team. Make sure they know that, and make sure they feel empowered to use the processes outlined in the points above in order to get the tool that you and they had initially envisioned. This is very hard to do, especially when things aren't going the way


everyone had planned or hoped.The best thing for the CCS team leader to do is to Buy NBA 2K18 MT treat character art team with respect, and leave it up to them to return the favor. During troublesome interactions with the character art team, think of how you would resolve a situation with one of your closest friends -- would you complain about them behind their backs, try to garner support against them, and then blindside them? Or would you lay it all out to them, face to face, with the hopes to resolve what is


a minor conflict?Make Personnel CorrectionsEven with the best communication, the most thought out processes, and all the respect in the world from your team, there are people who just aren't going to get on board. Whether they don't trust that the CCS will be what they want, or don't like the people working on it, there is the possibility that you'll have to deal with bad situations involving them.Like in the above example, if the character lead or team is shown progress of said feature, but


no red flags until the feature is delivered, that's just bad. If those people are also involved other subversion (like circumventing the use of the CCS), that's even worse!First you'll want to nba18mt find out if there is a valid reason for this behavior. If there truly isn't, those people need to be properly disciplined- performance warnings, firings (last resort), whatever, but it needs to get nipped in the bud.If management is already supportive of the goal of the CCS, they should get involved in these situations quickly