It's already been revealed that the NBA 2K18 MT game shouldn't be one stand alone action game with Cory Barlog already revealing some pretty big pieces of information about where the series is headed.One fan asked last year whether the reboot could be the start of a whole new saga or trilogy for the God of War Kratos, which Barlog pretty much flat out acknowledged.Gamingbolt has since suggested that this could imply that the game will kick start a whole new story arc, complete with sequels continuing the series new narrative direction.


Equally,before the NBA Live 18 Coins Christmas holiday's Barlog said he'd finished the first full playthrough of God of War.So hopefully with the game coming towards the end of its development Sony Santa Monica will treat us to some meaty new information to celebrate the trailer reaching the 15 million milestone.Search For ‘FIFA’ | Page 86 | Daily


FREE Resident Evil 7: The Experience event is better than VR and will scare you senseless | Daily Star Resident Evil 7 is utterly terrifying. But it's still just a game at the end of the day.For the record, Resident Evil 7 in VR is even worse, putting you right in the mix with the games spine-chilling and unnerving new style of gameplay.But Resident Evil in person sounds like the thing of nightmares.


 So naturally to celebrate the buynba2k release and return of the gaming horror staple, Capcom has created animmersive 45-minute experience heavily inspired by the new game."The Sewer Gators, a paranormal TV production team, is looking for intern reporters to help them investigate the disappearance of their missing crew. Are you up to it? Have you got nerves of steel? Are you good at solving puzzles?