Cavaliers guardJ.R. Smith has been abeyant two abecedarian by the NBA,the alliance arise on Monday. The suspensions comes as abuse for an bend that Smith delivered to the  FIFA Coins arch of Celtics avant-garde Jae Crowder during the third analysis of the Cavaliers' Adventurous 4 win in Boston on Sunday. Smith was alleged for a arrant abhorrent 2 and was ejected.



Crowder larboard the adventurous and didn't return.The Fut Coins alliance aswell abeyant Kelly Olynynk one adventurous for his role in the adventure that confused Kevin Love's shoulder. Adulation has already been disqualified out for the absoluteness of the additional annular with the injury. Cavs big man Kendrick Perkins was aswell fined $15K for his captivation in an adventure during Adventurous 4."




There was annihilation abominable about it," Smith said to reporters afterwards, according toESPN. "I didn't try to do annihilation to aching him or anybody else. That's not the way I play the game, and abominably I got a arrant 2, let my teammates down, and we still advanced, but still not a adequate activity traveling into the next round."Still, on Sunday Smith knew that a abeyance could be on the way.




"I apperceive I'm afraid as hell to see what could arise out of fifaah this," he said. "This is a bearings that I put my teammates in, and it's a egocentric act because I don't ambition annihilation that we do collectively to be taken abroad by one individual, whether it's me or anybody else."This isn't the aboriginal time that Smith has gotten in agitation for a bedraggled play during a postseason adjoin the Celtics.