what is more important is how many of them are still using it, and how many of them come back every month.""We're just short of six years on the market, and just short of a third of NBA Live Coins our users are coming back every month to work," he adds. "Not all of it are using it commercially, of course -- they're students at schools, or they're otherwise learning game development with Unity. It touches our hearts."The company's also excited about Czech studio Madfinger, comprised of


from 2K and "other high-end backgrounds," as Helgason enthuses, developing the title Shadowgun. "That's a stake in the ground," he says. "It's a testament to NBA 2K18 VC what we're doing not just making Unity democratic and easy to use, but really closing the gap on quality with the highest-end users."The company's goal? Make it so that there's no reason not to use Unity, he says. In his view, one of the barriers for Unity was that many potential licensees would pass on the engine, reputed for


service to the indie, casual and browser-based community, in search of a higher-end solution. So given that the company is now, according to the CEO, "quite profitable," Unity put some of its resources to work to go after the AAA game developer. The studio found a number of staff in Stockholm with "high-end, AAA backgrounds" and founded a development studio there, "and we'll be announcing other, similar stuff in the near future," says Helgason. And the launch of 3.4 will


features like the integration of Allegorithmic's Substance tech, allowing Substance procedural textures to be edited in Unity. Also part of the update are improved shadows, pre-computing volumes for skinned animation meshes, and even support for downloadable content that includes iOS and Android."We're going in the nba18mt right direction in that sense," says Helgason. "I'm looking even more forward to version 3.5, where we'll really see support for much bigger projects and larger teams,