, weapons, and abilities. After selecting a class (I went with the Warlock) players are sent into a standard lobby for some 6-on-6 combat. The one odd thing about this lobby was that it used a cursor that resembled a mouse's arrow and allowed players to go over the tags of those waiting on the Fut Coins match.There were two maps playable in the demo: one took place on earth, while the other shipped gun-toting heroes to the moon. Capture the points (rebranded as Control) was the mode of choice, and once Destiny booted


up I found myself in a rundown factory of Cheap Fut Coins sorts that had been completely leveled by some unknown force — leaving nature to slowly begin taking it back. It was filled with small spaces and enclosed areas that made it perfect for camping or obtaining cover in the middle of a firefight.While this location was fun for the close-quarters combat is pushed on users, the real treat came from venturing to a map located on the moon. That's right, players will engage in lunar warfare within the Crucible game mode. Ditching the


cramped layout of the aforementioned Earth-based war zone, the surface of the moon is much more vast and allows players to hop into vehicles that are laying about the area. There are also bases scattered about that will gave those on foot a place to hide from the player-controlled machines and turrets that are eager to vaporize them.If all the vehicles are taken, Destiny will allow users to summon their own personal vehicle. This ride resembles the Landspeeder from Star Wars (dubbed the Shrike) and it allows gamers


to zip around the map at blistering speeds. The only drawback is that it can't fire weapons, so mounted players are simply speeding targets for enemy players on foot ready to u2fifa unleash a barrage of lead and bad intentions on the vehicle.The purpose of selecting these two levels for the demo was obvious: Bungie wanted to showcase the variety in level structure and scale. The devs wouldn't talk too much about how many additional maps would ship with the final game later this September, but assured me that there