United can not refuse the offer to FIFA Mobile Coins buy Rooney, it is learned that the offer reached 45 million pounds; for Manchester United, to the summer Rooney then contract for only one year, this offer is definitely a big temptation. Moyes scene watch this week, Serie A kick the opening of the 19th round, defending champion Juventus team away to challenge the Cagliari team.


 It is worth mentioning that there is Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins a "mysterious guest" appeared in Sardinia's Saint Eliya stadium, this person turned out to be Premier League giants Manchester United coach David - Moyes. Juventus second half of the season without the war can play, the Red Devils and the Bianconeri in the battlefield did not meet, then why did Moyes come from?


"Football market" revealed that Moyes this trip as a series of media reported before, is for the Manchester United Gemini and Baltic. Manchester United in the current avant-garde position, the lack of a strong go-getters, Brazil midfielder Anderson are not the main force will be sold to Serie A Florence, which is enough to prove that Moyes want to transform the team's determination.


But want to introduce the two players in any one, Manchester United will cost a lot of money. "Gazzetta dello Sport," revealed that Juventus President Agnelli Although the pro-club can not keep Boba, but it will not be easy to sell the French, Juventus plans to receive up to 60 million euros from the French genius transfer fee.As for Marquisio, the Italian international midfielder is worth more than 30 million euros,

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