users in the SCEE region will also be provided with a similar service, although he noted that this is a "very complicated process."He revealed in a PlayStation Blog post that EU gamers will be offered four free games as part of the Welcome Back program. PS3 users will be able to choose two games from a list of  NBA Live Mobile Coins five, while PSP users will be granted two games from a list of four.


Late last week, when David Braben announced Raspberry Pi - the $25 computer on a stick - he expected a reaction. But nothing like the one he got. The YouTube video announcing the gadget is currently standing at over 415,000 views. "It's been shocking. Twitter went bananas," he told me this morning. Speaking from Cambridge, England, he outlined his plans for the device, which he hopes will bring real creativity back to Buy Nostalrius Gold how people interact with computers


The big plan is to roll his device out to school-kids, so they can start learning computer science, just as Braben and his generation did back in the day when they were using early home computers to create magical worlds, like his space trading classic Elite. But here's something new - Raspberry Pi could also be released as a commercial product, to retail. Having fun with computers isn't just for the children. Braben says, "We've been talking about that. We'd have to charge


it. What we are considering is that we would charge a slight premium to MMOGO help subsidize the [educational] part. That's what we are discussing." Who does he think would buy such a thing? "Me! I'd love one. There are lots of people who'd want to just use it as a gadget. Sure, people who are geeks, like me, people who are computer fans. There's no shame in that." Raspberry Pi is a beautiful idea, wrapped up in an strange little package. It's a 700MHz ARM11 processor with