from his hard work.It's certainly discouraging at this stage not being able to measure the impact of your work, but the hope is it'll all be worth it in the end. Or at the very least, we'll know better for next time.[This piece was reprinted from #AltDevBlogADay, a shared blog initiative started by mike_acton devoted to NBA 2K18 MT giving game developers of all disciplines a place to motivate each other to write regularly about their personal game development passions.


In Gamasutra's latest feature, a postmortem of NBA 2K18 MT Coins Appy Entertainment's iOS game SpellCraft, co-founder Paul O'Connor explains how the daily reward feature of the game confused and irritated fans at first. "We had the right idea," writes O'Connor. The plan was to "encourage players to engage with SpellCraft every day, to get them hooked on the game."The problem? "We made the requirements of our 'Daily Gold Reward' too stringent, and wound up with a pack of unhappy players


in to complain about not getting their gold."Problems arose not just because of stringent requirements -- which required "that players open SpellCraft and perform 10 game actions," which was not a very mobile-friendly play pattern, writes O'Connor. "Players were also confused by our clock, not understanding that they needed to perform their required actions within a specific twenty-four hour block of time -- a distinction lost on a player who opens SpellCraft at 2:00 PM on


, and returns to it at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, and really has every right to expect that he's fulfilled the requirement of 'daily play.'"The bottom line? "If you are going to give something away... just give it away. Furthermore, don't be concerned if players try to game the system. These are retention tools, not a final exam.""We've since patched the system to give an increasing bit of gold each day for 10 days basically for just entering the game, but we are still receiving complaints that at