for its early questing, it goes against the kind of players who have shown to  Neverwinter Astral Diamonds some of Dragon Age's most dedicatedthe completionists.Not every quest found in the Hinterlands is particularly thrilling (though it's easy to tell which will be straightforward), but the environment itself is incredible, and ridiculously vast. Containing a flaming dragon's nest, a burned-out forest filled with bears (and valuable Drakestone deposits), and far too much more to mention, follow no one's pace but your own. If exploring the Hinterlands from top to bottom before moving on makes the most of the story in your eyes, then do just that. Outfit Your Party At


HomeThis is certainly a smaller bit of advice, but one that will save some to Madden IOS coins  headaches. As the player's party grows, and Follower preferences emerge (who wouldn't want Iron Bull at their side?) it becomes even more of a mental puzzle to assign the best weapons, armor, and accessories to the soldiers seeing the most action. Thankfully, a simple solution is just a quick Fast Travel away.When playing solo in a friendly camp (Haven to start), the player can actually access every Follower in the inventory menu, making it far simpler to compare the equipment of one Mage, one Warrior, or one Rogue to another, and swap


 accordingly. Try Your Followers in CombatEvery player is bound to have their own preference in character classbe it Warrior, Rogue or Mage (and the subclasses contained within)but that doesn't mean their own class is the only one it's wise to learn firsthand. But instead of starting up multiple campaigns, it's worthwhile to spend time with each Follower in combat. You may discover a style of play you've been missing, but learning the strengths of each class is just as important as learning the weaknesses.The little things matter more than ever, now that ranged characters can earn serious bonuses when firing from an elevated


 A.I. piloting them in a fight. Vary Your ClassesJust like character classes, every player is sure to have their initial concept of a perfect build for each. Although a fire-based Mage may be impressive visually, it's of the utmost importance that members of the same class are optimized for different situations. Those who've played past Dragon Age titles know that this balance can be tricky, since some two-handed or ranged attacks are always more effective than others.That being said, diversifying the Skill Trees of class members can't be understated. Two-handed Warriors may seem more powerful when taking down a dragon, but a shield-equipped Tank is priceless to