to be changing as the first information concerning the heroes and villains of the game has been released by the developers.Previous trailers have placed the focus on the  FIFA Coins massive mechanized Titans for which the game is named, and with good reason. Online 'pilots' are able to fight on foot or encased within their very own Titan, but now the fight they'll be taking place in is becoming clearer. It begins with the phenomenally successful Hammond Roboticsthe makers of


Atlas, Ogre and Strydera robotics manufacturer whose mechanized rigs helped push forward the industry of interstellar mining.As a result of their success and continued evolutionary designs for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds their Titan line, the company would go on to become the Interstellar Mining Corporation, or IMC. As the head of mining operations across a number of frontier worlds, the IMC inevitably found themselves forced to deal with occasionally irritated locals (who may not respect


company's right to strip planets of resources for the betterment of core worlds.The company turned to military leaders and private contractors to enforce security across their empire, and it is this group that will likely come to represent the darker side of Titanfall's cast of characters. The first and most notable name to remember is that of Vice Admiral Graves, the Commander-in-Chief of IMC's Frontier Command. Given his history with the frontier inhabitants, he s


unconventional, and far less brutal than other officers within the IMC.The other human character representing the IMC that Respawn has declassified is simply called Blisk, a South African mercenary who fits the usual stereotype of the war-hungry, knife-loving hired killer. Blisk handles field orders and intelligence, aided greatly by Spyglass, a robot dispatched into combat as a physical manifestation of the IMC's vast computational network.Occupying the