That definitely hurt us."Local Boston support was instrumental in Fire Hose's development of the game. "If it wasn't for the local community, if it wasn't for Boston Indies, if it wasn't for NBA Live Coins Post Mortem, all the local developer support we have, this game either wouldn't have happened, or it would have been a crappy version of what it was," Glinert said. "We're so thankful to the testers who volunteered their time to play the game over and over again for us. Even the people who just came


once to play the game and give us some feedback and tell us how stupid we were while eating our pizza."For whatever else might be said about Slam Bolt Scrappers, its mash-up design is fairly described as thinking out of the box, but this cuts both ways. "Slam Bolt Scrappers does things that people haven't seen before, and haven't tried before, and it feels really different when you play it," Glinert said. "People like to Cheap Elysium Gold talk about new things they haven't seen before, and it got us that


press, and it got people excited. People who are sick of playing the same games over and over again were drawn to our game.""That was really great that we had this innovative angle, because we wouldn't have gotten noticed without it," Glinert continued. "At the same time, a lot of gamers claim they want innovation, but what they actually want is very small bits of innovation which are done in intelligent ways." Glinert cited Portal as an example of a game that introduced one, key


and gradually introduced players to it until they understood."That's the MMOGO perfect example of how it should happen," Glinert said, "versus Slam Bolt Scrappers where we dump the innovation on your lap and say 'Make of this what you will, because you have four other people punching you in the face right now.' There's a lesson to be learned there about how you ease people into innovation."Name "Mega-Fail"Glinert finished the post-mortem with a lament about the name his company gave