Gazillion who is making both of our MMOs. So, that licensing model is very much alive, but what has gone away is the days of the licensor sort of sitting in the "ivory tower" and not participating in the NBA 2K18 MT process.So, that's what we are doing now. We meet with the publishers, we sit down with them, we work through gameplay, we work through development. So, we are more an active participant than ever in the history of Marvel with games. It sounds like this game, specifically, from what you were


a moment ago, is a big priority for Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins Marvel.Yes, it is. This is the core gamers' MMO. This has a lot of eyes on it. Like I said before, Joe Quesada is working on this. Axel Alonso is working on it. [SVP of publishing] Tom Brevoort is working on it. [Publisher and COO] Dan Buckley is involved in it. Brian Bendis obviously is involved in it. We're trying to give Gazillion all of our tools and resources to make a great game, but that's something that we do for all of our projects.For Thor, we got [writer] Matt


to the table. For Captain America, for Sega, we got Chris Gage as a writer. Like I said before, we're trying to do more as a license holder than we've ever done before.How have developers responded to this kind of back and forth?At first it's with surprise -- surprise that we actually care, and surprise that they're talking to people with gaming background. I think they were figuring they would have to talk to a lawyer, or someone that doesn't understand games. Everyone on my team has 10 or more years


experience in the game industry. So, there's surprise. And then they're really happy for our input and our insight, and the speed with which we can turn around feedback and approval. We do everything we can to not hinder the development process. We fly up, we visit the teams, we sit with them, we give them feedback on the spot, rather than taking two to three weeks to decide on something. So, I'd like to nba18mt say that they're happy for it.From the perspective of Marvel, has it had an effect that you can