recent instance of panies getting in FIFA Coins trouble over minors purchasing credits for social games. A U.S. District Judge has chosen to uphold a handful of claims that Apple distributed free iOS apps that trick children into money in-app purchases.Children are legally allowed to create a Facebook account from the age of 13 -- however, Facebook's rules state that any child under the age of 18 must ask for a parent's permission before purchasing Facebook Credits.Bohannon alleges that this goes against consumer


laws in the state, and is now seeking refunds from Forza Horizon 3 credits Facebook for, according to the legal documents, "all parents and legal guardians in the United States whose minor children made unauthorized purchases of Facebook Credits from the minor child's Facebook account," to the tune of $5 million.The apps in question in this case most often target young children, and urge them to buy additional items to succeed, with kids sometimes racking up huge credit card bills.


  Brink studio Splash Damage has unveiled big plans to Gamasutra for the future of the pany, as it attempts to achieve vertical integration through the founding of two new panies.The pany also revealed that it is planning a studio-wide transition to Unreal, marking the first time in 10 years that Splash Damage has not used id Software technology for a project.WarChest is a brand new video games publisher founded by Splash Damage, while Fireteam is the pany's own


services operator. Through this trio of outfits, Splash Damage is now looking to fund, develop, operate and publish its own free-to-play games, as well as titles from outside developers.Fireteam will supply developers with third-party integrations from backend support, while WarChest will handle the promotion and operation of online games, with the overall goal to offer gamers connected online experiences that are both high-quality and free-to-play.Gamasutra visited the Splash at