an experimental VR mode, which allows Oculus Rift users to FIFA Coins interface with Big Picture Mode. It won't be too much longer before Steam users everywhere will be deciding whether or not to drop some dough on a VR headset.After the recent upgrades and improvements to the Rift headset, the potential for VR to really catch on seems more realistic than ever. In addition to the growing excitement from fans of space sims (see: Star Citizen), racing games, and other likely candidates for


VR support (see: MechWarrior Online); companies like NASA and Ford are already starting to show an interest in the non-gaming potential of the VR product.Can you see yourself using a VR headset for Buy Cheap Nostalrius Elysium Gold PC gaming or does it seem too gimmicky and expensive? Let us know below. Act 1 Review Roundup: Old School, New Style. The developers at Double Fine proved that the demand for a classic adventure game was still high, bringing in over $3 million through Kickstarter to


 launch development on the product now known as Broken Age . Following two young charactersShay and Vellaas they seek to gain their own independence in drastically different situations, the game's first half has now been released to Kickstarter backers.The public won't be able to enjoy the game for themselves until January 28, when (despite some alternative funding methods being considered) Broken Age: Act 1 goes on sale through Steam for $29.99.


The boost in funds will be used to complete Act 2, which will come at no extra charge for those who took the plunge for the first half. Just how man consumers choose to take that leap remains to be seen, but the early reviews are in.Calling on an an accomplished voice cast, a truly stunning and inspired art style, and no shortage of nostalgia for the golden age of point-and-click adventure games, it seems no critic can take issue with the appearance and presentation to