and technically, neither does the website (even if the 'Order Now' button led users to FIFA 18 Points purchase the game for the Xbox 360 or Xbox One). As crafty as they may have been, it seems Activision/Sony called off the play, or leadership deemed it to be too risky in the end.But even if the website has been pulled, or those responsible may face a tough day once the weekend is over, it's hard to argue that the plan worked as they had hoped. Microsoft decided to advertise a made-up fragrance,


and now the fact that Destiny is also launching on Buy FIFA 17 Coins their platforms is being brought up across the internet.What do you think of the move? Is Microsoft being juvenile or immature in regards to an exclusivity deal, or do you take issue with them not being able to advertise for the game in the first place? Sound off in the comments. The NFL season is just minutes away from kicking off, which means it's time for some strategically placed tie-ins. Obviously, Madden NFL 15 has already released


(read our review), but that doesn't mean that EA Sports can't throw a little extra love toward this year's upcoming season.However, when we say love we don't mean love in the traditional sense. Rather, EA Sports' latest creation is more of a trash talk generator, fueled by some silly Madden NFL Gifs.Essentially, the tool lets players create a GIF using any number of Madden player animations, some really goofy backgrounds, and text of their choosing. Some can be used to share enthusiasm for


a fellow team, like the Super Bowl winning Seahawks, but most will be using these GIFs for trash talk. And we're okay with that.There are some obvious limitations to the Madden GIFerator (yes, that's its name), but it's surprisingly fun. Check out my GIF below:Right alongside Madden's GIFerator, we bring even more football news in the form of Tecmo Super Bowl 2015. Yes, everyone's favorite NES classic sports game is still alive and well, and has been living on in the ROM world for quite some time to