emotional punch that I start to wonder where the fun's supposed to be.Nobody wants to  NBA Live Coins simulate war and murder -- at least, they don't want to until marketing starts selling it to  them. And it's not that games should strive to be shallow, dumb fun, either. I've always believed in the idea that the content people create should ideally aim to be meaningful, and I'm not alone. I can't tell you how many of my colleagues Tweeted yesterday, following the court ruling, something to the effect of "


be more excited about video games as free speech when developers have something meaningful to say."Some will. Some surely don't. But if you're in the latter group, let yourself be silly so that we can all have a good time.Activision and Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops is now the biggest selling retail video game of  NBA 2K18 MT Coins all time in the United Kingdom.According to tracking firm GfK ChartTrack (as reported by UK site MCV), Black Ops sold 3,722,411 copies between its November 9,


release and June 25 of this year.The previous record holder was Infinity Ward's series predecessor Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which has sold 3,702,410 copies since its November 10, 2009 release."This is an outstanding achievement for the development team at Treyarch and the amazing Call of Duty community," said Activision UK's Andrew Brown in a statement.Black Ops quickly hit $1 billion in worldwide sales soon after release, faster than Modern Warfare 2. According to predominantly U.S. retailer GameStop, preorders for the next game in the series, Modern Warfare 3, are outpacing those of even Black Ops.


Thanks to the democratically elected player government, says CCP in MMOGO a new Gamasutra feature, the development of its MMO EVE Online has taken significant turns, guided by the players. John Turbefield, of CCP Research and Statistics, told Gamasutra that he can "point to things such as the skill queue and the removal of the learning skills as examples of things that were greatly affected by input from the CSM."The CSM is elected by the player base and travels to CCP's Reykjavik