, "if you create a truth in a game that is a simplification of the real world, it actually makes it easier to believe than reality itself.""Part of the human condition is to want to try and explain the truth of NBA Live Coins life," said Garriott. It's "something people want to embrace and can embrace" and should be part of your games. Another key is "creating worlds that are reactive and proactive versus just passively waiting for you," he said. "One where the game actually observes your behavior,


your journey through the game, and in some way reacts and applies leverage against you." The MMO Era
The audience for a single game grew from high single millions to tens of millions when at Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins MMOs launched, said Garriott, "despite some additional difficulties" such as expense (subscriptions) and complexities (long playtimes to determine whether a game was even interesting, for example.)"That's a real testimony to the power of playing with other people," he said.When he


the Ultima Online project, EA's "faith in the team and faith in the project was so low," he said, that "projected sales were 30k lifetime.""Sales and marketing were not in favor of us working with the game," he said. "It wasn't until we put up a prototype and put up a web page... 50,000 people signed up to be beta testers in the first couple of weeks. When it finally did ship it was the fastest selling PC game in origin and EA history at the time. Within about two years had outsold all


the other previous Ultimas combined."Even so, he said, "Despite the success, lots of people were not convinced that this was a good future for gaming in general."This is because the  mmogo game had dated graphics and a lack of story -- putting it behind the current state of the art of single player games. "When a new era starts with graphics that are five or 10 years behind the state of the art, very quickly that changes."MMOs quickly caught up. In fact, new era games -- while behind the