Microsoft is a platform holder in this case, privy to information about a game's release plans ahead of time. Another reason to put faith in the listing is that it has since been changed following to Neverwinter Astral Diamonds reports of the February release and it now displays a generic 2015 release date instead. That's still no guarantee of course, but the fact that the date has been changed so quickly seems to suggest that they're potentiality guilty.Also helping credibility is the fact that the 24th of February is a Tuesday which is typically the day that games release in the


United States (the Microsoft Store listing is for the United States too). And, in an official blog post The Elder Scrolls Online game director Matt Firor said that fans should expect to see lots of news about to madden 17 mut coins IOS and Android our console versions in early 2015”.Some may feel that February is too soon, though. In that post Firor also said that “There’s still some work to do before we can set an official launch date and fresh rumours suggest that the development team is looking to make The Elder Scrolls Online free to play and replace the game's current paid subscription. If a move to free to play is on the cards, monetization


elements could take a while to implement given that they were never initially planned. Or perhaps that's the reason behind the multiple delays in the first place This one remains a rumor for now so stay hopeful but wary until Bethesda officially confirms the release date. Massively Microsoft Explains Xbox One DRM After Digital Disappearance of 'Far Cry 4. Ever since the console was announced, DRM has been a prickly issue for Microsoft's Xbox One. The controversial plan to kill off the used games market via a licence system was one of the first U-turns that the company made with regards to the system


 leading up to its release — but last week we saw a possible resurgence of the dreaded DRM.Reports began to circulate that Far Cry 4 had been delisted from the Xbox Live Marketplace early last week — and, more pressingly, some players who had bought the title digitally now found that they couldn't access their downloaded copy. This certainly had the air of the worst kind of DRM about it, and now Microsoft has responded to questions on what exactly was going on behind the scenes.According to the company, the Far Cry 4 lockout was simply a glitch, rather than being an indication that there's some devious licencing method playing out under the hood to