would work on their launch," he said. "Some of the NBA 2K18 MT background jokes or brands that we know are not known to [the Chinese], or don't have that kind of importance. Some of the ideas that we initially had were not adapted culturally."In testing, Bendov said he and his team needed to be extremely descriptive in explaining how to use the games' menus and controls, to help guide an audience that has little to no experience with this kind of control scheme.Even then, the team ran into some


control problems when testing with actual Chinese consumers. A handball game, for instance, worked fine in Side-kick's own internal tests, but just didn't work with many Chinese test subjects, especially women, he said."At first we didn't figure it out, but then we learned that in China they're using smaller motions -- think tennis vs. ping pong," Bendov said. "So we actually had to adapt the larger movement window for our market to the Cheap NBA 2K18 VC smaller, more delicate motions for their market.""


is also about motion," he continued. "When people move in different ways in different cultures, that's a completely new language we're learning as we develop for this market."Difficulty was another area Bendov said needed adjustment for China's unique social culture. "The first couple of levels, you can not fail," he said. "It was a big issue that there won't be any embarrassment, where in the Western markets, that's kind of a motivation for the user to retry."Despite the lack of previous


Bendov said the Chinese testers took quickly to the idea of controlling games without the need for controller, especially when they considered being able to play with their families."You see a lot of nba18mt enthusiasm in the users that came in and played the game," he said. "They really liked the idea of moving their body and not just sitting down. In terms of culture it was a huge plus there.""On the flipside," he continued, "we were asked more than one time when we will bring the usual online MMO or stuff like that [to the system], they would really love to see that as well."